Printing Methods


Printing Methods are a core part of Zakeke. This is where you can create a printing method and assign it to one or more products, sides, or even variants.


For POD (Print On Demand) products, is not possible to assign a printing method because they are already assigned to a default printing method, and is not possible to change it.


Creating a Printing Method

Printing Method is a profile where you can customize settings for your print-ready files and the customization tools for your product(s).

The Printing Method is made of the following sections:

Customization tools

This is where you enable or disable the customization options based on how you print. In particular, you can enable or disable the following option:

  • An option to set a maximum number of colors that your customers can use in creating their personalization designs.
  • Text tool: allows you to enable/disable the text tool and manage its functions such as colors, font size and styles, spacings, strokes, alignments and more. Read more here.

  • Enable image and clipart galleries: If you create your own gallery of images, then your customers will be able to use those images to customize your items if this tool is activated.

    • Image autofit:  images get automatically resized to fit the entire print area.

    • Prevent users from resizing images: when you populate your galleries you can give a size to the images when you upload them. If you check this option, your customers won't be able to resize the images when they add them to the product.

  • Allow users to upload their own images

    • Set a max number of images allowed.

    • Image autofit:  images get automatically resized to fit the entire print area.

    • Set the allowed formats and sources.

    • Premium Photos

    • Define whether vector images should or not be converted to raster images in the print-ready files: when a customer uploads a vector PDF, EPS, or AI file, Zakeke automatically converts it to an SVG file in order to keep it as a vector in the final print-ready files. You can change this option in order to get the vector files converted into rasters if you need so.

  • Images editing tools and filters: Zakeke provides your customers with a set of filters and tools to edit the images they upload.

  • Allow users to generate a PDF preview of their designs: this is to provide your users with the possibility to generate and download a PDF with their designs. The PDF is no print quality, so they can't use it to print the design somewhere else.

  • Duplicate, flip and bring forward/send backward tools: these are tools that your customers can use in the customizer on the texts and images they add to the design.



Zakeke allows you to enable your customers to add shadows to the design elements.



Manage the available fonts for the end-users. Read more here on how to manage the fonts.


Print-ready files

This is the section where you can manage the format and quality of the print-ready files you wish Zakeke to generate and other special options that you can activate for specific needs.

Please refer to this section for details.



Set an Effect if needed: Zakeke allows you to activate special effects for your products that simulate specific production methods. In particular, you can choose among:

You can assign a Printing Method to one or more products or to specific product sides or even to a product variant only.



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