Orders and Print-Ready Files


  1. Print-ready files
  2. Order summary
  3. Getting the print-ready files
  4. How to create automation with the print-ready files


1. Print-ready files

When you receive an order for customized products, Zakeke generates the corresponding print-ready files. In particular:

  • Zakeke generates a separated print file for each customizable area of your product. If you need a single print file for multiple areas, you can get it by activating this special option.

  • The print file size is exactly the same size as the print area.

  • Zakeke also provides you with the original images/files uploaded by the end-user, if any.


Print-ready files format

Print files are generated in four formats:

  • PDF
  • PNG
  • SVG
  • DXF (does not support raster files)

Depending on certain settings, Zakeke could also generate the following files:

  • BMP

The files in this format are only generated if the special feature for the Engraving is activated. Please read here how to generate engraving-ready files.

  • PDF-Layers (OCG)

This is a layered PDF that gets generated if you use a layered PDF as a product template/print area for your customizable products. Please read more here.



If you allow your customers to upload PDF, AI or EPS files, please read this


Customizing your print-ready files

Formats and quality

By default, Zakeke generates the print-ready files in the four formats listed above (PDF, PNG, SVG and DXF) at 300 DPI. You can change those settings by creating your own Printing Method


You can set your own rules to name the print-ready files and the zip package by following this guide.


2. Order summary

You're provided with an Order Summary along with print-ready files. The summary includes:

  • order details

  • details and preview of the design

  • details on every single element of the design, including coordinates where the design elements are placed in the print area, hex codes of the used colors, font name for the text, and name of the images used (see image below).mceclip0.png

The order summary comes with a predefined template, but you can customize it.


3. Getting the print-ready files

The print-ready files are stored in the Orders section in your back-office. Depending on the eCommerce platform, you may have a direct link to them even inside the back-office of your store as well. 

For each order, you see several important pieces of information and a preview of the designs.


As you can see in the image above, details include Product name, SKU, quantity, Design Doc ID, customized sides (in this case Front and Back) and previews of all customizations with all print-ready files available per side. 


You have two download options:

  1. Download the full zip package containing:

    • The print-ready files.
    • The original version of the files uploaded by the customer, if any.
    • The order summary.
  2. Download a single print file in the format you prefer.

Please note

With this second option, only the print file of the first side of your product will be downloaded. If you have a product with multiple sides, we suggest downloading the full zip package.


4. How to create automation with the print-ready files

Zakeke offers you WebHooks to allow you to create your preferred workflow with the print-ready files. If you're looking for zero-code solutions, then you can use one of the third-party services that integrates with Zakeke:

  • Connect Zakeke to other apps and services via Zapier
  • Manage orders via Order Desk

Only for Shopify users: you can activate an option to download the print-ready files directly from your order details page in Shopify.


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