Bulk Variation Forms

Bulk Variation Forms allows your buyers to add multiple variations of a product to their cart from single customization.

Easily configure products which have variations for bulk purchases. The tool will simplify the ordering process for wholesalers, B2B sites, or any user who would like to order multiple variations of the same product with the same design at the same time.

Example: your buyer personalizes a T-shirt with Zakeke, before checkout he/she can choose to buy five yellow T-shirts in size L and five red T-shirts in size M. Only one design, only one order, multiple variations.


Before you start

Please note that the Bulk Variation Forms works only with the following platforms: 

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento / Adobe Commerce
  • OpenCart


How it works

Go to your Zakeke back-office > Settings > Bulk Variation Forms and select the product for which you want to enable bulk variations purchases. Then, choose the product variations, see the preview and confirm.

When your buyers make their designs and click on the add to cart button in the customizer, they see a form to order multiple variations.



Form version: Grid or Dropdown

You can decide the design of the Bulk Variation Form: in addition to the default grid on desktops there is also the opportunity to use a drop down menu, the best option if you have a large number of attributes, ensuring an improved experience for your customers. Mobile view remains only with dropdown menus, no matter your choice inside the app.



Final output: Separate files or one print-ready file

Choose if you prefer to have different files for each variants or if you want a single preview file valid for each variation.

This will also show a different thumbnail for each variant in your store's cart for a better user experience during purchase. 



These options are only valid for stores on Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and PrestaShop (1.7 and 8).
Please update the plugin in order to have the options validated automatically. 

Keep in mind that in BigCommerce, thumbnails won't be updated because of the platform's limitations. 



Names and Numbers tool

Names and Numbers is an additional option available for the Bulk Variation Forms feature that allows your buyers to add multiple variations of a product to their cart and customize some fields while using the same design. From identifying players on sports jerseys to showing off bridesmaids’ funny nicknames on mugs at a bachelorette party, customers can find a creative way to use Names and Numbers on your products. Click here and refer to this guide to discover all details regarding the tool.


Things to be aware

If you have choosen the Zakeke won't generate a separate design for each variant bought. For that reason:

  • Always refer to the order details in your e-commerce platform to know the variants to fulfill. Use Zakeke only for the design details.

  • If you have different print areas based on the variant or other configuration aspects that change based on the variant, then they will need to be considered before printing the product.

To avoid confusion, in the summary, you'll read a note informing if the order is a bulk order (see below).



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