Users can engrave any product made up of glass, metal, and wood and you receive production-ready files for your engraving business.


How it works

When you create a Printing Method, you enable the Engraving feature in the Effect section. You set an effect to simulate engraving on your product and the design gets that effect.

See this demo product

Zakeke provides you with pre-made effects that you can edit if you're not happy with the final result. In particular, an effect is composed of:

  • Overlapping and opacity: this is where you choose the blend mode. Normal, Overlay and Multiply are the most common ones.
  • Text color
  • Automatic effect to auto-convert the images uploaded by the customer (greyscale, black and white, ...)


If you will activate the 3D preview for a product with one of those effects, we suggest to set the Blend mode to normal and Opacity to 100%

On the right, you can see how the effect would work on your customizer. By default, you see it on a steel tumbler but you can change the image and upload the image of your own product. If you check See without effect you can see the original colored image/text.



Engraving-ready files

If you activate the engraving effect, Zakeke generates engraving-ready files for your orders in the following formats:

  • SVG
  • PNG
  • PDF
  • DXF
  • BMP
  • AI

You'll receive also the standard print-ready files (which means using the colored version of the design) along with the engraving-ready files

By default, engraving-ready files will be generated as you see the design in the Customizer preview mode. But if you want, you can set different effect rules for your engraving-ready files than the ones you use for the preview from the Output tab.


Output _effect_vector

In addition to the standard effect output file, there is also a PDF (named with the suffix _effect_vector) which is the vector version of the final output with the effects applied and vectorized.

The file is obtained by an image tracing algorithm from the rasterized effects file, and that therefore the result may differ slightly.


Please note:

The _effect_vector.pdf file won't be created in case you have an effect of dark and light plus an overlay color other than black or white or if you have any effect plus an overlay with a color other than black.


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