Product background editing tool

This tool allows your customers to fill the print area(s) of your product with colors or images.





  1. Create and manage the tool's rules
  2. Creating the images' gallery


1. Create and manage rules

Go to your Zakeke back-office > Tools > Product Background Editing Tool > Tool Rules > Add Rule

When you create the rule you can set what editing options to activate:

    • color (by enabling a color picker or setting a limited range of colors)

      You can also empower your customers with the option not to apply any color for the background by activating the option "Enable 'No color' option".
    • images gallery

      This option allows you to provide your customers with a gallery of images that they can use to fill the print area of your product. See the next paragraph.
    • upload image

      This option allows your customers to upload an image that autofits the print area of your product.

backgroung editing.png


2. Creating the galleries of images

You can create galleries of images and clipart that your customers can use to decorate the background of your product(s). This is one of the editing options that you can set when defining a rule as described above.

To create a gallery go to your Zakeke back-office > Tools > Product Background Editing Tool > Images Gallery > Add Images

Each image must be associated with a macro category and category. You create the categories through the tool below as shown in the screenshot below.





Images can be uploaded only in sub-categories. If a macro-category includes only one sub-category, the sub-category label won't be visible in the front-end and the images will be visible directly in the macro-category.




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