Printing Methods


Printing Methods are a core part of Zakeke. This is where you can create a printing method and assign it to one or more products, sides, or even variants.


For POD (Print On Demand) products, is not possible to assign a printing method because they are already assigned to a default printing method, and is not possible to change it.


Creating a Printing Method

Printing Method is a profile where you can customize settings for your print-ready files and the customization tools for your product(s).

The Printing Method is made of the following sections:

Customization tools

This is where you enable or disable the customization options based on how you print. In particular, you can enable or disable the following option:



Zakeke allows you to enable your customers to add shadows to the design elements.



Manage the available fonts for the end-users. Read more here on how to manage the fonts.


Print-ready files

This is the section where you can manage the format and quality of the print-ready files you wish Zakeke to generate and other special options that you can activate for specific needs.

Please refer to this section for details.



Set an Effect if needed: Zakeke allows you to activate special effects for your products that simulate specific production methods. In particular, you can choose among:

You can assign a Printing Method to one or more products or to specific product sides or even to a product variant only.



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