Names and Numbers

In this guide you'll find all details regarding the Names and Numbers tool, from set up to output files and much more. 



  1. Introduction
  2. How to set it up
  3. Output files
  4. How customers must use it


1. Introduction

Names and Numbers is an additional option available for the Bulk Variation Forms feature that allows your buyers to add multiple variations of a product to their cart and customize some fields while using the same design. From identifying players on sports jerseys to showing off bridesmaids’ funny nicknames on mugs at a bachelorette party, customers can find a creative way to use Names and Numbers on your products. 



The tool currently works only on the following e-commerce platforms:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Woocommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Adobe Commerce (Magento)


2. How to set it up

Pre-Designed Template

You can enable the Names and Numbers tool directly from the Pre-Designed Template setting.
Pre-designed templates in Zakeke are linked to a specific product and they can be created only if you have already created a customizable product.

To create or modify a pre-designed template and activate the Names and Numbers tool:

  1. go to Tools >Pre-Designed Templates in the side menu of your back-office.

  2. In the list, select the product on which you want to apply the template and click on Add New Template.

  3. If you've already created a template select the product to which is applied from the list to modify it

  4. In the popup that opens, you have a fully-functional version of the Zakeke customizer to create the design.

Then you can activate the Names and Numbers tool by:

  • Adding the text element that you want your customers to be able to edit multiple times (for example Your Name)
  • clicking on Text Settings when you add a text (see example below)


  • giving the Element a specific name that your customers will see inside the Form before adding the products to their cart. It needs to have a distinctive name for every element settings. 


  • Checking the box called Enable Tag to enable the tool and modify its options


  • naming the Tag and selecting the Type:
    • Tag: they identify and mark elements used for the same purposes or by the same function, in this case Names and Numbers. 

    • Type: must be set on "Names and Numbers".



  • Make sure to activate your desired options on how your customers can interact and edit the element, such as making them able to move, rotate, delete, ... the element.



Bulk Variation Form

  1. Go to Settings > Bulk Variation Form in the side menu of your back-office.

  2. Select the product for which you wish to activate the tool.

  3. Choose the Product Variants that you wish to show in the form in order to allow your customers to buy multiple variants at once and enable the Names and Numbers tool.

Please note

You can also decide not to choose the product variants and still enable the Names and Numbers tool for your product because it's not strictly connected with variants. 


Skip button

Once you activate the Names and Numbers tool you can also add a Skip and Buy button that allows your customers to buy the customized product without the need to add and confirm other variants' edits. 



This is a preview of how your customers will visualize the Skip and Buy button plus all the product variants and Names and Numbers labels.




  • If you have different print areas based on the variant (for example the size) or other configuration aspects that change based on the variant, then they will need to be considered before printing the product. So please follow these instructions: if you sell products in different sizes do set up the design for a smaller size rather than a larger one. 

  • If you set a minimum or a maximum number of characters your customers can add to an element, keep in mind that the setting is applied also when you enable the Names and Numbers tool.


3. Output files

  • Zakeke generates a separate print-ready file for each Name/Number. In order to help you to differentiate each file, the custom texts added by the customer are included in the name of each print-ready file.

  • For each Name/Number you have also a separate Summary file.

  • You also receive a csv file with all Names/Numbers. 

  • All files are included in a single zip file.


4. How customers must use it

Once you've enabled and set up the tool, your customers will be able to use it to buy multiple variations of your product and customize some fields while using the same design. 

For example, if you sell uniforms or sports t-shirts, you customers can buy multiple green shirts, in different sizes, with their name and numbers. Just like in this video below. 

If you sell customized gadgets, like mugs or covers, you can still enable the tool and give your customers to customize their names for example, while buying the same product design. Take a look at the video below for reference. 



Please be warned that any name/text your customer inserts while designing the product shall also be added to the form when the pop-up form becomes visible. Text content that was applied to the design but not included in your form will not appear in the print files.

  • I add a name on my t-shirt: "Mike"
  • Then I open the "names and numbers" pop up and insert name 1: "Matthew" and name 2: "Joseph"
  • Only Matthew and Joseph will be included in my roster and no print file will be generated for Mike (and customer should not expect to receive a jersey for Mike).
  • I add a name on my t-shirt: "Mike"
  • Then I open the "names and numbers" pop up and insert name 1: "Mike", name 2: "Matthew", and name 3: "Joseph"
  • Mike, Matthew and Joseph will be included in my roster and a print file for each name will be generated.

Cart Edit

Customers are also able to edit their choices while using the Names and Numbers feature directly inside the shopping cart through an "Edit" link that takes them back to the customizer where they can change variants and other options related to the Names and Numbers usage. 

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