Text tool

The Text tool is one of the most important customization tools in Zakeke as it allows your customers to create and manage text elements to personalize your product.

The tool is activated by default but you can change the way your customers use it or even totally disable it from the Printing Methods.




  1. Options
  2. TextArt
  3. Text Shadows
  4. Placeholder texts
  5. Autofit text-box


1. Options

These are the options you can manage for the text tool:

  • Textbox: It allows end-users to convert any text into a Textbox.
  • Styles: Curved, Bold and Italic.

  • Uppercase: If activated, all text elements will automatically be uppercase.

  • Max number of text elements: you can limit the number of text elements a customer can add to your product.

  • Pre-defined set of colors for the texts.
  • Text resize: allow customers to resize a text. If you wish you can make it as not-resizable, make it unrescrited resizable, set a range value for your Font Size, rapport used this relationship 1px=3/4pt*. (available values from 6 to 200 pt) or use preset options. You can also set a min/max font size or use preset options. Then you can enter the default font size for all text elements.

    Please note

    *This relationship has no reference to the physical size of the product, it's based on the size in pixels of the product side image. The text font size is calculated based on the product image pixels side.  For example, if you have 2 products with 2 different images pixel sizes, the text font size will look different as well, even if its value is the same for both products.  
  • Text stroke: allow the end customer to apply a stroke to the text. You may set a minimum and maximum value. The available colors for the stroke are the same as those offered for general text customization.


    Text stroke is not compatible with DXF file creation. 
    If you use custom loaded fonts, output files containing a stroke might have minimum and limited defects.

  • Text stretch: Enable customers to stretch a text element in one direction only, instead of only having the option to resize it proportionally.
  • Line spacing and Letter spacing: you can allow users to add space among the letters and/or lines set a min and max values Between -100 to 100. If you activate the spacing and leave the limit blank, it will default to -100 to 100.

  • Text alignment - set available horizontal and vertical alignment:
    • Horizontal: left, center, justified and right.
    • Vertical: top, middle and bottom.

2. TextArt

This is a specific text tool that allows end-users to create texts with effects, shapes, outlines, and more. Read more here.


3. Text Shadows

This option allows customers to add shadows to text and manage the way the shadow looks on it. Read more here.


4. Placeholder texts

Zakeke allows you also to show customers placeholder text that they can edit. You do it via the Pre-designed Templates feature.

Use this solution if you prefer to show customers a clear CTA such as "your text here" or "add your name" and if they are only allowed to add a text in a pre-defined position and/or you need specific limits (colors, fonts, number of characters, rotate, move, size, ...) on a specific text. Pre-designed template allows you with more options than Printing Methods.

Here you can read on how to use the two options to choose which one fits you better.


5. Autofit text-box

With Zakeke you can create a textbox where text automatically resizes to fit in the textbox. This is a dedicated guide on how to create a product with an autofit text.


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