"Get a quote" tool

This tool allows you to add a "Get a quote" button to your customizer to allow your customers to send you requests for quotations instead of buying the product directly



  1. Managing the tool
  2. Quotations
  3. How to create automation with the quotations
  4. Quote email notification
  5. Tool's pricing


1. Managing the tool

Go to your Zakeke back-office > Tools > Get a Quote > Tool Rules > Add New Rule

  1. You decide whether the "Get a Quote" button should replace the "Add to Cart" button in your customizer (choose the option "Show only "Get a quote" button") or it should get added as an option other than the "Add to Cart" (choose the option "Show both "Get a quote").

  2. Create the form that your customers need to fill in when sending a request for a quotation to you. You can add and remove sections to create the form as you want. If you check the option "required" for a field, that field will be mandatory for your customers.

  3. As the last step, decide what product(s) or printing method the rule should apply to.

Once saved, the "Get a Quote" button gets added to your customizer. When customers click on it, they'll be shown the form to fill in to submit to you a request for a quotation.


2. Quotations

When a customer sends a request for quotation to you, it generates a request in your Zakeke back-office. You can see and manage the requests you receive from Quotes > Quotations.



Once you receive a quote request, its status will be NEW. Click on "Details" to check all the details of the request:

  • load and review your customer composition
  • decide if you need to add your quotation price, or a shipping price, or an extra charge with its own descriptive label
  • include additional fields to add personalized details and pricing information into your quotes.

quote new fields.png

You will also see the customer information and all selected attributes for the composition plus the option to export the table in CSV. 

Inside the customer quotation form section you can choose which information you would print on the quote PDF summary, that will be sent to the customer. Choose which fields you want to review in quote summary and include what you prefer.

Finally, you can confirm the quote by clicking on "Generate quote". 

Its status will update to WAITING FOR APPROVAL and the quote can then be Approved/Rejected either by the customer via the links they receive by email together with a summary or by you, changing the quotation status yourself from a specific menu, manually approving or rejecting the quotation received from your customers. 



You get three links that you can use to populate the email you send to your customers to provide them with your quote:

  • Link to download PDF summary: this allows your customer to download a PDF of your quote.

  • Link for approval: from this link they can approve the quotation.

  • Link for rejecting. from this link they can reject the quotation.

    You are informed by email of the customer's decision (to the email you used to sign up to Zakeke) and the status of the quote gets updated in your back-office. 

Print-ready files get generated when you or your customer approves the quotation.


Please note

  1. If in a WAITING FOR APPROVAL quote you change fields without updating the status, you'll be able to regenerate the quote. To save the edits you need to change the status too.  

  2. When opening the detail of an APPROVED quotation, you can click on the "Go to order detail for quotation" to view the order details, which is not accessible from the "classic" order page.

  3. Opening the detail of a REJECTED quotation, on the other hand, allows you to edit a few fields to regenerate the quotation, but, if nothing is edited, the "Regenerate quote" button won't appear. 


3. How to create automation with the quotations

You can use Zapier to automatically send via email (and get approval/rejection) the quotations to the customers that require them to you.


4. Quote email notifications

Automatically send quote emails to customers and notify you upon acceptance or rejection. Stay updated on your quote interactions effortlessly. 

Enable Quote Email Notifications to receive alerts when a new quote request arrives, automate the delivery of quotes to your customers, and get notified upon approval or rejection.

By default, emails are sent from a no-reply Zakeke email address. However, you can configure your SMTP server to send emails from your own address.

You also have the flexibility to toggle individual email notifications on or off and customize the content of these messages to suit your preferences: 

  • New request for price quote received. Get notified every time a customer sends a request for a quotation for one of your customizable products.
  • Your quotation. Provide your customers with the price quotation they've requested
  • Quotation accepted. Receive an email when your quotation is accepted
  • Quotation rejected. Receive an email when your quotation is rejected


5. Tool's price

The tool is free of charge for 30 days, then you'll pay a monthly fee based on the number of requests for quotations that you receive and no longer pay transaction fees:


Number of quote requests Monthly price (Euro)
Up to 250 49,90
From 251 to 1.000 99,90
From 1.001 to 2.000 149,90
From 2.001 to 5.000 249,90
Over 5.000  To discuss (help@zakeke.com)

You will be invoiced for the number of quote requests at the end of each month.



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