Background remover + Image Recoloring Tool

With the Image Recoloring Tool you can:

  1. empower your customers to remove the background from images*

  2. enable or force them to recolor multi-color images or convert them to a one-color image


It only works with solid color backgrounds, that tool is not meant to work to clip images, it allows to remove a solid background and replace it with a transparency (mainly used for logos, cliparts, ... not for photos). See below an example:



See the tool in action:


Before you start

  • The tool is an Add-on. Depending on your subscription plan, you might need to activate it from the Addon section in your Zakeke back-office.

  • The tool works with PNG, JPEG, EPS, and PDF files.

  • You don't need this tool if you just want your customers to be able to change the colors of an SVG image because that is a default Zakeke feature. Learn more.


Create and manage rules

Go to your Zakeke back-office > Image Recoloring Tool > Add Rule

Each rule defines how your customers can edit the image:

  • Force customers to convert images to one-color image: just choose between providing them a set of colors (if only one, the uploaded image will be automatically recolored in that color) or provide them with a color-picker.

  • Allow users to edit colors on multi-color images without forcing them to choose a one-color: check the option "enable multi recoloring images".

 You then decide on which printing methods or products the tool should be activated.


When you create or update a rule it may take a few minutes to take effect in the customizer.



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