Email notifications

By default, email notifications to you and your customers are sent from

Zakeke allows you to configure your own email address that will be used to send emails to your customers.



  1. How it works
  2. Configuring your own email 
  3. Email customization
  4. Resend email notification


How it works

In particular, the email notifications work with the:

  1. Etsy integration

    • Your customers receive a message from you with the link to personalize the item when they place an order for a customizable product at your Etsy store.

    • Your customers receive a message from you when the design is submitted for you and the order is ready to be processed.

  2. Manual orders
    • Your customers receive a message from you with the link to personalize the item and complete the design without the need to checkout. 
    • You will receive all print-ready files, just like a normal e-commerce order, once customers complete the design.
  3. Get a quote tool 

    • You customers receive a message from you when they ask you for a quote with potentially 3 links:
      • Link to download PDF summary: this allows your customer to download a PDF of your quote.
      • Link for approval: from this link they can approve the quotation.
      • Link for rejecting: from this link they can reject the quotation.
    • You also have the flexibility to toggle individual email notifications on or off and customize the content of these messages to suit your preferences: 

      • New request for price quote received: Get notified every time a customer sends a request for a quotation for one of your customizable products.
      • Your quotation: Provide your customers with the price quotation they've requested
      • Quotation accepted: Receive an email when your quotation is accepted
      • Quotation rejected: Receive an email when your quotation is rejected


Configuring your own email

Go to your Zakeke back-office > Settings > Email Notifications

You have two options:

  1. Gmail: it allows you to enable your Gmail account or any other email address that is configured in your Gmail account. (coming soon)

  2. SMTP: this is to configure any email address via an SMTP server. Details you need to configure it are provided by your service provider.

  • Gmail:
    • From email address: your address email
    • host:
    • port: 465
    • Encryption: SSL
    • Username: address email/ username
    • Password: you will need to generate an app password for Zakeke (see below)

Generating an App Password in Gmail

Note: Before you can generate an app password in Gmail, you’ll need to turn on Google’s 2-Step Verification.

To create an app password in Gmail, log in to your Gmail or Google Workspace account.

Then, go to App passwords in your security settings. On this page, click on the Select app dropdown.

Click select app dropdown

Next, select the Other (Custom name) option from the dropdown menu.

Select the other custome name option

Then, enter Zakeke in the field provided and click the blue GENERATE button.

This will generate an app password that you can use for your SMTP setup.


You’ll want to copy this password, then return to your Zakeke SMTP settings. From here, paste the password into the Password field and save your settings.

Note: Sometimes Gmail may automatically block the sign-in used by SMTP for security reasons, even when using an app password. When this happens, an email will be sent to your recovery email address with a sign-in attempt warning (see below).

To remove this block, you’ll need to click the Check Activity button in the email (or visit your account’s Notifications page) and follow the instructions provided to let Google know this was a legitimate login attempt.

Gmail SMTP security email


Email customization

You can customize the master template of your emails and the content of each email from Settings > Email notifications

Master Template is where you customize the template for the emails that go out to your customers.

Click on the editor window and add any text or logo by using the toolbar. Place the placeholder {{content}} in the position where you prefer the text of each specific email to appear.

You can then customize every single email with custom text and logos and suggested placeholders.


Resend email notification 

By default, email notifications to you and your customers are sent from, you can read as manage and configure it via this guide

You may need to resend the notification email, which is possible via the Orders section, you will see the "SEND" button for each order with the state to NEW.





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