Installing Zakeke

Zakeke is a web service empowering your e-commerce store to offer your customers visual product personalization

Zakeke offers seamless and user-friendly integration with the most important e-commerce platforms. Select your e-commerce platform to get instructions on how to install the Zakeke plugin into your store:



If your e-commerce platform is not in the above list or you have got a custom platform, Zakeke provides API for custom integration.

Keep in mind that when you connect Zakeke with your store, that is the master integration. Then, you can add other websites to the same account as new channels to sell your customizable products. Learn how to connect more sales channels here.



  • How and when do I need to install Zakeke into my eStore?

The Zakeke Visual Product Customizer and 3D Product Configurator allow your customers to personalize your products before they purchase them at your store. By integrating Zakeke with your store, you allow Zakeke to communicate with your store platform and you are able to turn any product in your catalog into a customizable product and your customers are able to start the customizer interface to personalize your products directly from the product page at the store. Once they check out, you receive production-ready files linked to the order in your store.

  • I'm just testing/I do not have a store yet, do I need to install a plugin?

No, we offer you the ability to test the Zakeke back-office without integration with a store. You can even start creating your customizable products. You only need to connect a store if you wish to see those products live.

  • If I want to use the 3D/AR Viewer do I still need to install Zakeke?

The 3D/AR Viewer enables you to offer visitors and customers 3D and AR visualization of your products. You can publish it to your website, marketing materials, landing pages, product catalogs and any other channel. It's not linked to any cart/check-out or sourcing product catalog, meaning the tool doesn't require an e-commerce platform integration, so you just need to upload your 3D model, then create & embed the link to your website, or use the QR code to publish 3D & Augmented Reality content to any website. Learn more here.

  • Does the integration require technical skills?

No, our connectors are code-free and designed for non-tech people, you only need to follow a few steps in the instructions.


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