Sell customizable products on Etsy with Zakeke

Sell products that you customer can customize live, with 3D preview and AR on one of the most popular creative online marketplaces

Connect Etsy store

Connect Etsy store

Note: The term ‘Etsy’ and other Etsy graphics are trademarks of Etsy, Inc. This page is not endorsed by Etsy.

How Zakeke works with Etsy

1 - Open an Etsy store

Creating an Etsy seller's account is free

2 - Connect it with Zakeke

Authorize our API's access to your account by clicking on the red button above

3 - Configure your products in Zakeke

Set all the customization rules

4 - All done

Zakeke will automatically import orders with customizable products and will provide to you the url to share with the customer where they will be able to customize the products




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