Understanding Zakeke

Zakeke is a Saas tool empowering e-stores with visual product customization. It allows you to turn any item in your store into a customizable product with real-time 2D, 3D & AR.



Which solutions does Zakeke offer?

Visual Product Customizer

The Zakeke Visual Product Customizer allows you to set infinite customization options to your products: from the simple text and image customization to complex rules, showing the real effect of different printing techniques like DTG (direct-to-garment printing), sublimation and screen printing. You can choose to customize all sides of your product, choose among simple or all-over print, create templates of editable areas and set multiple colors, sizes and styles of the same product.

If you sell printable or engravable items that customers can personalize before buying, with Zakeke Visual Product Customizer you can allow customers to:

  • Fully customize a blank product, they design whatever they want.

  • Fully customize a blank product with limited options (example: add any text but only in one color).

  • Start from a pre-decorated product with editable elements (texts and/or images).


You sell custom mugs and you want to allow your customers to personalize them with their images or add their names, then select the Visual Product Customizer.



3D Product Configurator

The 3D Product Configurator allows you to create configurable made-to-order products in 3D. That means that your customers can build their own products by choosing parts, materials and colors, other than adding texts and images onto it.

Think about shoes, bags, furniture and home appliances, jewelry, sunglasses, industrial equipment, cars and more... 

Each configurable product is made of configurable attributes and options that your customers can personalize in your product, like colors, materials, or components, meaning that for each attribute you can set a number of different choices for colors, materials or different components or a combination of colors, materials and components. Possibilities are unlimited.

Take a look at this example in our demo store: Look at this Shoe


Do not confuse the 3D Product Configurator with the 3D preview in the Visual Product Customizer. 3D preview is a feature in the Visual Product Customizer that empowers you to offer your customers a 3D view of the item they're personalizing while they make their design.



3D & AR Viewer

The 3D/AR Viewer tool lets you show your products in 3D and AR wherever you want, be it a web page, a store, an internal catalog, or even an email to your customers.

In particular, after uploading and setting the 3D model as you need in Zakeke, you can then:

  1. generate a button that end-users use to launch the viewer and you can place it where you need it.
  2. get a code that you can copy and paste where you need it to directly show the 3D/AR viewer as an iFrame. 
  3. get a link that opens a white-label window with your 3D product that you can use for assets where you can't add any button or code.


You sell art canvas or art photography and you want your customers to only see the product on their home walls in 3D and AR, then use the 3D / AR Viewer.
In order to use this tool you don't need to integrate Zakeke to a store, as the 3D/AR Viewer allows you to show products wherever you need.



Virtual Try-On

The Virtual Try-On allows your customers to virtually try a product on their body via their own mobile phones.

The Try-on works thanks to the Augmented Reality: the 3D model of your product gets loaded, your customers personalize it and by clicking on the Try-on button they are able to use the phone's camera to visualize themselves along with the "digital" product. Users can also measure their Pupillary Distance with AI-powered tool provided by Zakeke, while you can fine tuning your 3D models, all inside Zakeke, with no external app. You can also customize all action buttons inside your product page, to give the right look and feel, coherent with your brand image. Its power is limitless. 



How Zakeke works

The Visual Product Customizer and 3D Product Configurator plug into your shopping cart system and provides you with an admin panel where you can turn the products in your store into customizable products. Your customers personalize your products at your store via an easy and interactive User Interface. You receive production-ready files!


What kind of personalization can I offer with Zakeke?

With Zakeke any kind of personalization is possible: enable your customers to decorate products with texts, images and artworks or let them build their own version of your products choosing components, changing elements, and customizing colors and materials. They'll be able to see the customized product in their real-world thanks to the Augmented Reality.

Based on the type of customization you want to offer, make sure you choose the right Zakeke tool:

Visual Product Customizer
this is for businesses in the web2print, engraving or embroidery industries.
3D Product Configurator
this is for those who sell products that can be configured by the customers choosing parts, colors, and materials (examples: a shoe where buyers choose the material, the sole type, and the color of the laces or a couch where they choose the leather color, shape, and type of feet). 


  • How do I add Zakeke to my website?
    Zakeke is a code-free plug-and-play solution, you only need to create your account and install Zakeke to publish and sell your customizable products. 

  • Why do I need to connect Zakeke to my store?
    Because that way you can enhance your products and make them as customizable allowing your customers to launch the customizer UI with a simple click on the product page.

  • Is Zakeke supplying the products?
    No, Zakeke does not supply any product, that is on you. However, we offer an integration with third-party print-on-demand services that you can use to source your customizable products.
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