How to apply quantity discount

If you wish to create a price rule to apply a discount based on the quantity ordered, follow the example here below.



You sell a T-Shirt that has a price of 25 Euro and you wish to apply a quantity discount as follows:

  • from 10 to 19 items: 23 Euro/pc
  • from 20 to 49 items: 20 Euro/pc
  • from 50 items: 18 Euro/pc 

How to make it? This is how to set the rule in Zakeke:

  • Property: Amount of customized sides
  • Targets: Full product / All
  • Type: Design
  • Match: All
  • Conditions:
    • Equal or greater = 0
    • Product quantity
      • From 10 = -2
      • From 20 = -5
      • From 50 = -7




Please note that if you use this for Shopify and BigCommerce stores, if customers change the quantity once in the cart the price won't be re-calculated as Zakeke has no control over the cart. The only possible solution if you want to avoid this issue, is to remove the ability to change the order quantity in the cart for your customers.

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