How to set a specific mark-up price for each product side

If you wish to create a price rule to add a specific markup price for each side that your customers personalize, follow the example here below.



You sell a T-Shirt with three sides (front, back, and sleeve) with a base price of 15 . You wish to add an extra price on top of the base price based on which side(s) your customers personalize:

  • 5 for the front
  • 2 for the back

How to make it? You need to create pricing in Zakeke with 2 rules, one for each product side and use the property "Amount of customized size" to tell Zakeke to add a specific price when at least a design element gets added to that side. See the video tutorial below.


Video Tutorial


if you want to include the customization of a certain side number in the total price and start by adding the price, for example from the third customized side onwards, you can set the price rule in this way:






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