How to set up a mark-up price based on the design size

If you wish to create a price rule to add a markup price to your product price based on the size of the artwork that your customers make on the product, follow the example here below.



You sell a product with a print area that is 30cm x 50cm (1.500 cm2) with a base price of 10 USD. You wish to add an extra price on top of the base price based on the size of the design as follows:

  • up to 400 cm2 = 2 USD
  • up to 1.000 cm2 = 5 USD
  • over 1.000 cm2 = 10 USD

How to make it? This is how to set the rule in Zakeke (Advanced Pricing):

  • Property: Design size
  • Targets: Full product
  • Elements: All elements
  • Type: Design
  • Match: All
  • Conditions:
    • Greater or Equal than 1.000 = 10
    • Lower than 1.000 = 5
    • Lower than 400 = 2



Is also possible to show the design's size to the end-users.


Please Note

In the case where lower is to be used as the property value of the condition, it must be in ascending order (based on the size of the design area) and the match in that case must be set as "any". 

Conditions can be also defined in descending order (again with respect to the design area) but greater or equal must be used. 

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