Zakeke comes with a list of pre-loaded fonts that you can expand by uploading your own fonts as well.

You manage and download the fonts from your Zakeke back-office > Tools > Fonts.

Font styles compatible with Zakeke are:

  • Regular
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Bold Italic


In the list, you see both default and custom fonts. Pre-loaded fonts can't be deleted but you can disable them by creating a Printing Method.

Zakeke supports the Right-To-Left and Asian languages. Some of the pre-loaded fonts support those languages. Read more here.


Please note

In this section you can only download the default fonts Zakeke provides you, not the ones you upload. This in order to correct manage and process orders, an all machines with all the correct fonts.


Uploading your own fonts

Before you start

We recommend you change the name of your font using a unique name. This must be done from the font metadata, not just renaming the font file. You can do it by reading this guide: Fonts Error Messages


How to add your own fonts

In your Zakeke back-office, go to Tools >Fonts > Add

Accepted formats:

  • TTF (TrueType)
  • OTF (OpenType)

You can upload all fonts at once in a ZIP package.


Please note that the installation of new fonts may require a few minutes. After uploading the files, you will be taken to the Tasks tab on the Fonts page where you can check the status of the installation. Possible statutes are as follows:

  • Waiting - Your fonts have not yet been processed.

  • Processing - Fonts are being processed and will be installed.

  • Error - One or more fonts have not been processed.

  • Completed - Fonts have been successfully processed.

Once a font has been uploaded, it gets available in your customizer by default. Please note that it may take a few seconds for the font to be fully usable.

We advise you to place a test order using your font to make sure there are no errors in the output files.


Error messages

If you have an error message you can see how to solve it via this guide: Fonts Error Messages


Managing fonts availability in the customizer

Fonts availability is managed in the Printing Methods. By default, all fonts are available in a Printing Method, but you can limit the available fonts for a specific Printing Method. If so, do as follows:

  • Go to Printing Methods.

  • Choose or add a Printing Method.

  • In the section Fonts, you can select one or more fonts to associate with the printing method and the default font (it will be the default font when the customizer initializes).

    If you check All Fonts, it will associate all fonts available in your Fonts section to the printing method meaning that even if you upload new fonts later, they'll be available in that printing method by default.

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