Are RTL and Asian languages supported?

Zakeke supports both right-to-left and Asian languages.

Here below a few examples:

  • Arabic (RTL)



  • Hebrew (RTL)



  • Japanese



  • Chinese



  • Korean


You don't need to activate any function for this, it automatically works as long as the font supports the RTL or Asian writing.

Among the default fonts, the following ones work with RTL and the Arabic/Persian/Urdu language:

  • Amiri
  • Cairo
  • Mada

these ones support the Hebrew language: 

  • Arimo
  • Rubik
  • Tinos

these the Chinese language:

  • Noto Sans SC
  • ZCOOL XiaoWei
  • Long Cang

these the Japanese language:

  • Noto Sans SC
  • Train One
  • Shippori Mincho

instead, the following ones support the Korean language:

  • Kirang Haerang
  • NanumGothic

However, you can upload custom fonts.

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