How to test a customizable product and place a test order

Zakeke allows you to test your customizable product and generate test print-ready files to make sure all is good before publishing the product live to your store.

Go to Customizable Products and click on Preview on the product you wish to test. Then customize the product following the rules you've created and clic on the button Place test order. 

Print-ready files will be generated as if that was a regular order made by a customer on your online store. 

You can find your test orders in Orders > Test.

See the video tutorial below.



This is only available for the Visual Product Customizer solution. Also, you won't be able to test the following tools in the testing customizer (they work only on the real customizer at your website):

You can place a maximum of 10 test orders per month. The monthly quota will be renewed every month, but it's not cumulative. 

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