A customizable product can have multiple views such as front and back for a T-shirt. In Zakeke product views are called sides.

You can set as many sides as you want for a customizable product and as many print areas as you want on each side.

You set sides when you first create your customizable product, but you can add/remove sides or edit exiting sides at any time in the product configuration wizard by clicking on the name of the product that you wish to edit from Customizable Product

See the image below:

  1. Edit an existing side.
  2. Delete or move a side.
  3. Add a new side.Edit_sides.png


Sides for variants

Zakeke allows you to manage the product sides even at the variants level, which means that for specific variants you may not even have a certain side.

See below

  1. In the variants step, you can delete a specific side from a specific variant of the product. In the example, we remove the side back from the variant GreenSide_for_variant_1.png
  2. Customers won't see the option "Back" for the variant "Green", they'll be able to customize the back of the t-shirt only for the variant Yellow.Side_for_variant_2.PNG


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