Side rotation in UI

The side rotation in UI allows end customers to rotate the product within the UI canvas.

Rotation occurs in 90° increments, and the 3D model, if uploaded for the preview, will automatically adapt to the chosen orientation.

This feature is ideal for customizable products in both vertical and horizontal formats based on the end customer's preference.



  1. How to enable the tool
  2. How to use it with 3D preview
  3. Limitations


1. How to enable the tool

The side rotation in UI is available during the creation of your customizable products. 
Once you start creating a product from scratch or getting it from you own catalog, you can activate the feature together with the set of the print area or the product image change, as shown below. 


Once activated, the side rotation will appear in your customizer iframe, on the bottom center, as an icon your customers can click on to actually rotate the product in 90° increments, as shown below. 


Side rotation in UI (1).gif


2. How to use it with 3D Preview

The rotation works for both the customizer preview and the 3D preview of the product, if applicable.
If there is a 3D preview of a customizable product, the rotation can only work with one side because you can only turn the 3D model one way. 

For example, imagine you have the 6 faces of a parallelepiped and you rotate all the sides independently, it will be impossible to enforce the rotation to the 3D model correctly.



The 3D model mesh on which the customization is located needs to be plane, if it has curves the rotation won't work correctly because is not possible to figure out the angle of rotation.


3. Limitations

The side rotation is not available in combination with these tools: 

  • Advanced print-ready files builder
  • Names and Numbers
  • Bulk Variation Forms
  • Single print-ready files
  • Multicanvases
  • Bleed/Cut Lines imported by a PDF-Layers (OCG)

Please note

If you've integrated a catalog with a POD service the side rotation won't be available for your products. 


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