Using a PNG mask to create a print area

When defining a print area you can use a PNG file to create it. This is very useful in the case the print area has not a regular shape or to create print areas with multiple not-customizable parts inside  (such as a cover case where you need to leave the space for the phone camera where customers cannot add any designs).

This guide shows you how to create the PNG mask and how to use it within Zakeke to create the print area.



  1. How to create the PNG mask file
  2. How to create the print area by using the PNG mask


1. How to create the PNG mask file

The mask file in PNG format can be created by any graphic software such as Illustrator or Photoshop or free online tools.

When creating the file, you must follow these rules:

  • must be PNG format (.png);

  • must have a transparent background;

  • must have margins of at least 1 pixel;

  • the print area must be in a single solid color. The colored part in the file will be recognized as the print area by Zakeke and users will be able to add their designs in that area. That is the black part in the examples below.


Example 1

Let's say you want to define a heart-shaped print area on a shirt. The PNG file will be as the one below:


The heart is black (customizable area) and the rest of the PNG is transparent. Margins are at least 1 pixel.

This is what your customers will see on the product in the customizer when they upload a picture:


And this is the final output:



Example 2

You sell cover cases that have a hole for the phone camera. Of course, that is not a customizable part of the cover case.

The PNG file will be as the one here below:


This is what your customers will see in the customizer:


And this is the print-file:




2. How to create the print area by using the PNG mask

When you're in the print area designer:

  1. Use the ruler to determine the product size by dragging it from one point to another point on the image of the product. It's important that you enter a real size of the product (it can be any size, such as from left border to right boder or from the top to the bottom) because this determines the size of the print area and print-ready files (because the PNG mask only defines the shape of the print area, not the size!)

  2. Click on the "star" symbol in the shapes section and upload the PNG file and adjust it.

See the video below.



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