AI-Powered Configuration Generator

Enhance your product customization experience with our AI-Powered Configuration Generator. Your clients simply describe their desired configuration and our advanced AI technology automatically generates the perfect customized product for them.


  1. Intro
  2. Managing the tool
  3. Appearance


1. Intro 

Zakeke's AI-powered Configuration Generator enables you to provide customers with a personalized and seamless online experience, by automating the product configuration process. 

No manual option selection, our intelligent system handles the permutations and delivers a tailored configuration that precisely matches your customers' preferences.

This provides customers with a dynamic and immersive experience, where they can see how each configuration option impacts the final product, reducing the likelihood of dissatisfaction with the final product, reducing the likelihood of errors in the configuration process.


2. Managing the tool

In order to activate the AI-powered Configuration Generator you need to go inside your Configurator backoffice: 

  • Choose the product to which you want to appy the AI-Configuration Generator
  • Enter the Scene editor
  • Select Settings in the left menu
  • Check the specific box called "AI-powered product configuration generator"

Afterwords you can check the tool inside the Shopping Preview of your dashboard. 



3. Appearance 

Once activated, the AI will be included inside your product configuration process, with an AI icon on the top right of the Zakeke's iframe, as seen in the image below. 



Users can clic on the icon to start the AI Configuration and then a pop-up opens, enabling them to add their favourite options according to their desired configuration and generate them by either typing the combinations or use their voice. 


Instantly, the Zakeke's AI will apply those preferences to your products, accordingly to the options and combinations you've previously set up in your Configurator. 


Please Note

The AI-configuration generator will apply only the configurations you've created for your products. If, for example, you have created an eyewear frame in two colors, say black and blue, and customers want to apply red with AI, the result won't appear inside the iframe because the "red" option is not available for your product. 


Check all details in the video below: 

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