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One of the most useful features of the 3D Product Configurator is the ability for the end-user to add and edit text and images on the product other than being able to choose colors, materials and components. Think about a name engraved on a custom ring or a patch on a bag: your client will be able to add a text, change font, style, color or upload an image or choose one from a gallery that you offer them.




  1. Adding customizable areas
  2. Adding templates
  3. Getting the output


1. Adding customizable areas

In order to allow your customers to use also texts and/or images to personalize your product, the first thing to do is to add a Customizable Area to the product.

A customizable area is attached to a mesh/object of your scene and will use its UV mapping to show the text and images on your product.

To create a customizable area, in your Zakeke back-office go to ComposerCustomizable Areas > Add


In the dialog, type the name of the customizable area, select the mesh/object on which you would like to show the customization, type the output size dimensions and, if necessary, another UV channel map (if you don't want to use the default one).


2. Add a template

You need now to create a template with placeholder text and/or images that the user will be able to edit (e.g: a text with "Your text here").

Once you add the customizable area, the Templates option gets available in the menu on the left. By you clicking it, a new empty template will be created as a Default Template.

Here you have to add text and images for each customizable area you have added, for each template. 

To add a text, click the "T" icon on the right menu, and type a text. Move it where you want and play with its settings.

To add an image, add it first in the images gallery, then click the Image icon on the right menu and select it from the gallery.

Remember to type the item name so the user will know what he/she is changing.

The result should be similar to this:



Items restrictions

After selecting a text or image in the editor, if you click on the lock icon you can set the restrictions to the item, like move, rotate, resize, change the font, color, etc.


Test the product

Save the product and test it with the Shopping Preview.



Customizing the "Customize" button

When the designer is active on your configurable product, Zakeke adds the "Customize" button to your configurator UI. You can change both the label and the icon of the button from the back-office > Settings > Theme settings.


3. Getting the output

When your customers buy your customized product, you can download the ZIP package with the output images in the orders page of Zakeke or in your store back-office.

The zip will contain the DXF, PNG, PDF and SVG file along with a summary PDF with information on the order.

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