Pre-set Configurations

Pre-set configurations enable you to establish predefined compositions of attributes and options for your products. These configurations serve as ready-made selections that customers can either purchase as is or utilize as a starting point for further personalization. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of setting up pre-set configurations in Zakeke



  1. Introduction
  2. How to create pre-set configurations
  3. How to manage pre-set configurations inside the Composer
    3.1 Change pre-set configuration order


1. Introduction

With pre-set configurations, you have the ability to define new attribute and option combinations for products inside the Zakeke 3D Product Configurator. Pre-set configurations can be defined for all the elements of your products or just some of them, giving customers the freedom to create unique designs based on your defined rules. 


2. How to create pre-set configurations

In order to create Pre-set configurations you need to:

  • enter the 3D Product Configurator and click on the main menu section named Pre-set Configurations
  • choose the product to which you want to create the pre-set configurations
  • click on the button Create a pre-set configuration 
  • inside the product editor, you will define your combination of options and save them once the end result is satisfactory. Whether you select all attributes/options in the editor or not, Zakeke by default creates the pre-set for all attributes and will assign the default one if you have not selected any option for an attribute. However, you could also decide to disable a certain attribute/option for a pre-set in case you wanted to create partial configurations; in this case, that specific attribute starts with the default option.
  • give the pre-set configuration a name and select a category where to add it. This will create a new element in your Composer named "pre-set configurations".
  • once saved, you can create another pre-set or close the editor.

3. How to manage pre-set configurations inside the Composer

Pre-set configurations are additional elements of the Composer together with Attributes, Groups and Steps and, once created, will be automatically placed inside the product editor as first in the attribute, group, or step list of the product configuration. In particular, the pre-set configuration(s) is set as the first group if your Composer is organized with groups. On the contrary, if your Composer is organized with only Attributes, the pre-set configuration(s) will be added in the first place in the attributes list. 


3.1 Change pre-set configuration order

To change the pre-set configurations position in your 3D Product Configurator, you need to go to the Composer section of your product. You'll find the pre-set configuration(s) as an element in the list of attributes and options on the left. 

You can drag and drop the pre-set configurations element and place it where you think is best, based on your configuration management. You can also include them in a group or step. 

Inside the Composer, while managing pre-set configurations, you can also edit the pre-set name by clicking on Edit the attribute and remove it. 

Please note

By unchecking a specific combination of attribute/option, customers will be presented with the default option as the pre-selected choice for that attribute.

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