Set a direct URL for a pre-designed template

You may need your customers to directly start the customizer with a given pre-designed template. Other than providing you with the ability to set a default pre-designed template for your product, Zakeke allows you to generate a direct URL or create direct pages for a template.

At the moment, you can only make it if your store is built on Shopify or WooCommerce. Follow the guides below.


How to set a direct URL for a pre-designed template

When you create a pre-designed template, Zakeke generates a unique ID for it.


The unique ID identifies the template and you'll use it to create direct URLs or pages.


For Shopify users

  1. Start the customizer by clicking on Customize on the product page at your store;

  2. Add &template=XXXXX (where X is the template's unique ID) at the end of the URL

  3. Copy the new URL: that is the direct URL for the pre-designed template 

The URL should look something like this:


For WooCommerce users

You can embed Zakeke on any page of your website and make it start with a given template.

This is how to embed Zakeke on a page. If you want it to start with a certain template, you only need to add template=XXXXX (where X is the template's unique code) after the product ID code.


[zakeke product_id=XX template=XXXXX]
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