Add an overlay to the product

You may need to reproduce a particular effect on your product to offer your customers a more realistic representation of the final result. This is the case, for example, of a puzzle where the design is divided into tiles or of a doormat that has a particular pattern.

In the video below we made an example with a doormat. Take a look:


How to get an effect

The solution is to overlay a transparent PNG image on top of the product image so that the design goes under the PNG image and gets the effect.

First of all, you need to create a customizable product by following the standard process to create a customizable product. Just make it a plain product, no effect.

Once you have successfully created the customizable product, you have to:

  1. Create a transparent PNG with the effect and with the same dimensions and shape of your product by a graphics software;
  2. Go to Pre-designed template section, select the customizable product on which you want to apply the effect and click on Add new template:

    • Give a name to the new pre-designed template;

    • Set the rules on how your product can be customized (texts, images, ....);

    • Click on the symbol to upload an image and upload the transparent PNG you have created at step 1; resize it to fit the print area of your product.

    • Disable all options in the "element settings" so that your customers cannot replace, move, rotate, resize, delete or duplicate the image; Make sure to disable the "Printable" option (that way Zakeke won't include the PNG image in your print-ready files) and enable the "Always on top" option (so that the design that your customers make on the product goes behind the effect layer).

    • Save it.


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