Sync design elements on all product sides

You can make it that an element on one side of your product automatically reproduce on the other sides of the product as well. You do it via the "Sync elements" feature in the Pre-designed Templates


How to do it

Go to your Zakeke back-office > Tools > Pre-Designed Templates > open/add a pre-designed template and click on the settings button.

Check the "Sync elements on all product sides" option. See below.


Now, when your customers add an element on a product side, that element gets replicated on all other sides. See below.

Sync options for placeholder texts and images

The sync feature work with both blank products and pre-designed items. For pre-designed items, you can decide how the sync option should work on texts and images.

The default syncronized options are:



You can also synchronize elements position, rotation and size. Create an element inside the template and mark the option Sync position, rotation and size to



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