Image Editing Tools & Filters

You can allow your customers to edit the images that they use to customize your products. In particular, they can apply filters, choose multiple formats, set the focus, apply the brush, add frames and choose an overlay.


How your customers use the editing and filter tools

When an image gets uploaded in the customizer, users can access the editing tools by clicking on the "Edit & Filters" button.

ATTENTION: Edit & Filters is available only for raster images.


Users get a window with the available tools to edit or filter the image. In the example below, an overlay effect gets added.



How to enable Image Editing & Filters Tools

The image editing tools and filters are activated by default in your customizer. If not or you wish to change the settings:

  • go in your Zakeke Back-office > Printing Methods > Open your printing method
  • enable the "Images editing tools and filters" option
  • choose the tools that you wish to activate



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