Edit the Tools Names, Icons and Positions

Zakeke allows you to change the name and icons of the tools of your customizer. You can also customize each tool's position and order in the toolbox and vertical bar.


  1. How to do it
  2. How to change the tool's position

1. How to do it

  • Go to your Zakeke back-office > Settings > Interface Editor 



  • Then go in Settings > Tools' names and icons (see below):




  • Click on the edit buttonmceclip2.pngon the tool for which you wish to make changes.


  • Make your edits



The edits you made for names are localized in the selected language through the icon mceclip4.png  in your Zakeke back-office.


The description added will be visible on all devices.


2. How to change tool's position

You are able to customize the icon's order inside the Customizer interface, changing how they appear in the main toolbox and in the vertical bar.

You can do it from the "Tool's position" section on each tool's management page.



Understanding Positions:

  • Each tool has a default position (indicated by a placeholder).
  • The "Add to Cart" icon is fixed and its position can't be changed.
  • If you change the order, the new order is language-dependent; saving the order in the back-office when the back-office language is, for example, French, will reflect in the Customizer with the French localization applied.
  • You can't enter 0 as a value and use negative numbers.
  • Make sure not to use the same number for more than one tool.



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