Messages and alerts

In this section you can learn how to create and edit different types of messages or alerts  and show them to your customers inside the Zakeke customizer. 


  1. Types of messages you can create/show in your customizer
  2. How to embed external video or images in the messages

In order to enable the tool, go to the Settings section of the main menu on the left of your dashboard and select Messages & Alert. 


1. Types of messages you can create/show

1.1 Warning message for low-quality images

When a customer uploads an image or picture or chooses it from your galleries, Zakeke automatically checks if the image quality is good enough based on the size of the entire print area on the product and DPI value that you require. If the quality is not good enough, a message is shown to the customer suggesting the quality of the photo to be uploaded.

Other than edit the content of the message, you can also:

  • Disable the message if you don't want to show it to your customers.

  • Enable it, but make it dismissable by the customer.

  • Disable the "add to cart" button when the message appears (so that customers cannot ignore the message and place orders if the image resolution is too low).

How the threshold is calculated?

The warning message will be shown if the image has a resolution (in pixels) lower than this threshold: covered area (cm) x DPI (set in the printing method) / 2.54.  


1.2 Welcome messages

You can create two types of Welcome Message inside Zakeke: 

  • a General message, displayed on all products when your clients open the customizer. It's a message that appears as soon as the Customizer opens. You can use it to provide the customers with useful information on the tool or instructions on how to personalize your product. Read also how to embed a video in the message.
  • a Product-specific message, displayed when customers open the customizer and can be tailored specifically to one or more products.
Please note
If both a product-specific and a general message exist, the product-specific message will take priority.
Also, if more than one product-specific welcome message exist, the first one created will be shown to customers.

You may need to manage two different messages for logged in users and those unlogged, in this case you can use the Welcome message to unlogged.

Keep in mind that:

  • if both welcome messages for logged and unlogged users are active, each type of user will see the correspondent message. 
  • if the message for unlogged is active while the generic or product specific welcome is not, only unlogged users will see a welcome message.
  • If the message for unlogged is not active while the generic or specific welcome message is, the latter will be available for both logged and unlogged users. 

1.3 Add to cart confirmation

It creates a message that appears when customers click on the "Add to Cart" button in the Customizer.


1.4 Warning for items outside the print area

It shows a warning to your customers when an element of the design goes outside the print area. You can make it that it disables the "Add to cart" button if part of the design is outside the print area.


1.5 Copyright Message

Is a message that appears in the customizer, under the images upload button, useful for communicating that your customer has full legal rights to use the images he uploads.
You can also add an additional message to make confirmation mandatory.


1.6 Exit warning

You can display a warning message whenever customers click on the "Back" button exiting the Zakeke's iframe. You can edit the default message as any other alert message. 


2. How to embed external video or images in the messages

2.1 How to embed videos

You can embed a youtube video in the messages. Only videos from YouTube can be embedded.

How to do it:

  • In your browser, go to the YouTube video that you want to embed.

  • Under the video, click share.

  • Click the Embed word.

  • Then from the box that appears, copy the HTML code.

  • Go to your Zakeke admin panel and go to Settings > Messages and Alert.

  • Select the message type and open it.

  • Click on the Source code symbol <>

  • Paste the HTML code and save.

We suggest you change the following values in the HTML code to have a good result for mobile devices:

  • width="100%"

  • height="258"


2.2 How to embed images

You can embed images in your messages. 

How to do it:

  • First of all, you need to upload the image to a web service for image hosting, such as
  • Go to your Zakeke admin panel and go to Settings > Messages and Alerts.
  • Select the message type and open it.
  • Click on the insert/edit image symbol.
  • Paste here the URL generated by the image hosting website at the first point.


Discover all details in this video: 

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