Pupillary Distance Tool

Empower your customers with automatic pupillary distance calculation. By enabling the Pupillary Distance tool, customers can effortlessly measure their Pupillary Distance with a simple glance at the camera. 

Replace tedious video measurements with a quick, user-friendly experience for unmatched results and performance.



  1. Intro
  2. Managing the tool 
  3. Shopping preview



1. Intro

Pupillary distance (PD) measures the distance between the centers of your pupils. This measurement is used to determine where you look through the lens of your glasses and should be as accurate as possible. 

Zakeke's AI technology can automatically measure the distance between pupils. With this technology, online shoppers can try on digital 3D glasses and virtual sunglasses that perfectly fit their faces. 


2. Managing the tool 

In order to use the PD tool you need to activate the Virtual Try-On first inside the Scene Editor of your Configurator. Once you check the Pupillary Distance tool box you are able to manage it and define the settings for it. 

Keep in mind that those two tools can be used together or separately, there is no obligation of one use type or the other. You can decide though, if you do want to activate the PD tool, you can make it mandatory to use for your customers before making a purchase by just clicking the dedicated box "Mandatory PD Tool" as showed in the image below.


try on_scene editor.png


Action button

Remember, you can decide to enable the option that combines both the Virtual Try-On (VTO) and Pupillary Distance (PD) tools into a single button, allowing customers to access both functionalities from a single interface; or activate two distinct buttons in your configurator interface — one for the Virtual Try-On (VTO) tool and another for the Pupillary Distance (PD) tool. Customers can access each tool separately as per their requirements.



3. Shopping preview

Once activated, the tool will be visible inside the Shopping Preview of your Configurator and on your store upon completion. By clicking the dedicated Pupillary Distance tool icon or the single button you've previously created, you will be asked to position your face inside a frame to let the system calculate the Pupillary distance. 



Virtual try on glasses


By clicking Confirm you set the default PD measure the system will use for your product. This process will be followed by your customer upon your setting selection. 


Please Note

The Pupillary Distance value is also reported inside Zakeke's order summary (its value should be considered with a margin of tolerance, because customers might moves while standing in front of the camera, and this can lead to a miscalculation and value won't be as precise as if customers follow instruction and stay still). 



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