Virtual Try-on


  1. Intro
  2. Tool's price

1. Intro

The Virtual Try-on allows your customers to virtually try a product on their body via their own mobile phones.

The Try-on works thanks to the Augmented Reality: the 3D model of your product gets loaded, your customers personalize it and by clicking on the Try-on button they are able to use the phone's camera to visualize themselves along with the "digital" product. See below



At the moment, the Zakeke Virtual Try-On is only available for the eyewear sector. We're working on making it available for other products.


2. Tool's price

The Virtual Try-On is activable as an addon on your Zakeke's account. 

The price for the tool is based on the number of times it gets used in your store (read more here about how we count the "views").

Number of views/mo Monthly price (Euro)
Up to 25.000 1.250
Up to 500.000 3.000
Up to 1.000.000 5.000
Over 1.000.000  To discuss by sending an email to
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