Sales Channels

Sales Channels allows you to connect and manage multiple commerce channels to your Zakeke account. Sales channels are the different platforms where you sell your customizable products, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, ...

This feature allows you to share all customizable products, including the ones with variants, among several platforms and manage all your orders and stores from a single Zakeke account instead of creating a separate account for each platform.



  1. How it works
  2. Creating and managing channels
  3. Sharing a customizable product across different channels


How it works

When you connect Zakeke with your store, that is the master integration. Then, you can add other websites to the same account as new channels to sell your customizable products. 

If you remove the master connection, all other connections got lost.

Also, all channels got billed on your master integration. Refer to the Pricing section for further details.


Creating and managing channels


  • You can add and combine extra Sales Channels on your Zakeke account without any limitations only if you don't add an extra Sales Channel based on Shopify. You can use Shopify as an extra Sales Channel ONLY if you have Shopify as a master integration.
    For example, if you have a master integration on a Woocommerce store or Etsy, or any other platform supported by Zakeke you CAN'T have Shopify as an extra Sales Channel.
  • Sales Channels works ONLY with the Product Customizer, NOT with the 3D Product Configurator.

  • Sales Channels are NOT available for stores integrated by API's, Wix, ShopWired, Shopware and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  • If you use our native integrations with the POD services, the PODs' catalogs will be available only for the first store (master sales channel) that you integrate and won't be available for the extra sales channels.

  • if you've activated the Bulk Variation Form and the Names and Numbers, those tools will only work on the master sales channel. 


Adding a new sales channel

  1. Go to Sales channels > Add to connect an additional channel

  2. Click on the channel you wish to add and follow the instructions (you find the instructions here as well)
  3. While you integrate the new store you'll be asked whether you want to install it as a new sales channel within your existing account or create a new account. Choose to install it as a sales channel.

If you decide you no longer want to use a channel, from the Sales channels page, click the Disconnect button next to it.



For each channel you add to your Zakeke account you will pay an extra monthly fee of 24.9 USD.


Please note

If your account has been created based on Zakeke's older plans offerings, these are the monthly fees you'll pay for each additional sales channel:

  • Advanced $12 USD
  • Unlimited $36.50 USD
  • Unlimited + configurator $120 USD



The extra Sales Channel will work with the same features and limitations you have on your main existing account.

For example, if your plan is Grow, and you add another Sales Channel, the 50 published products limit applies to both Sales channels combined. 

The transaction fee will also be calculated on every Sales Channel.


Sharing a customizable product across different channels

  1. Go to Customizable Products > click on the mceclip0.png icon under the Actions menu and then select Add sales channelImg_26.png

  2. Select the Sales Channel.

  3. Select the product on which you want to copy the same settings as the initial customizable product.


You can only share a product that is not from one of the third-party integrated POD services.


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