Snippet files


  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Online Store.

  2. Select Actions > Edit code.

  3. Under "Snippets", find these files:
    • zakeke-customizer-price.liquid
    • zakeke-cart-item-price.liquid
    • zakeke-cart-item-properties.liquid
    • zakeke-cart-line-price.liquid
    • zakeke-cart-item-edit.liquid
    • zakeke-cart-subtotal.liquid
    • zakeke-product.liquid
  4. For any that doesn't exist:

    1. Select Add a new snippet.
    2. Enter the correct snippet name in the "Create a new snippet called" field.

    3. Select Create snippet.

    4. Copy and paste the code found in each of these links into their respective files:

    5. Select Save.

    6. Repeat these steps for each missing snippet file.

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