Dynamic product's properties

Zakeke allows you to associate two different types of properties to each product option:

  1. Price: You can set a price for each option in order to have a dynamic price for your product, meaning that the final price of the product for your customers changes based on the options that they select. Learn more here.
  2. Custom property: you can define custom dynamic properties, meaning that you can have dynamic values on your products other than price, such as weight, height, length, delivery days, ...

Once you've defined a property, you're able to use that property for a product and assign a value for each product's option in order to show your customers a dynamic value of that property.

Example: you sell climbing frames for kids and your customers have the option to buy the tower piece only or to add a second piece. Based on the option they choose, the final size of the frame will be different. You can use the custom properties to show customers the full length of the product. See below.



How to set a custom property on your product

  1. Go to your 3D Product Configurator back-office > Settings > Additional Custom Properties > Add and create the property.custom_property.png
  2. Once you've created your custom property, you'll find it in the tab Properties when you set the options for your configurable product. From there you can assign a value to the property for that product option. See below.properties2.png


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