Save and Share

Customers are empowered with the ability to save a configuration and/or share it with anyone.

You manage the settings for these two options from Settings > Save and Share


1. Share

You can provide customers with two options:

  1. Share screenshot: it enables your customers to share a screenshot of the personalized product.

  2. Share link: it enables customers to share a link to their configurations with anyone, and the receivers can then either buy the product or keep on customizing it.


2. Save

If enabled, customers can save their own configurations for later. 

Configurations are saved on the cache (and customers will be able to recover them as long as they do not clear the cache and stay on the same device from which they saved the design) unless your customer is logged into your website. In the latter case, the configurations are permanently saved in the Zakeke back-office and your customers find them in the configurator in the "Saved configurations" section.

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