Design texture resolution

You can input custom design texture resolution for your 3D models inside Zakeke whenever you create a 2D design on them.



  1. Intro
  2. Enable the custom resolution

1. Intro

When displaying a 2D design on the 3D model, a texture of the design is automatically generated with default values of 1024 pixels for desktop, 1024 pixels for Android mobile devices, and 512 pixels for iPhone devices to ensure good performance.

However, this default resolution may result in some designs appearing blurry. If the default display is inadequate, you can specify custom values for the texture.


2. Enable the custom resolution

Inside the 3D configurator:

  1. Go inside the Composer section
  2. Select Customizable Areas
  3. Click on Edit
  4. Check the box called Design texture resolution
  5. Insert the specific values you desire for Desktop and Mobile devices
  6. Click Ok to save your edits.


Please note

  • We generally recommend not setting values higher than 2048 pixels for desktop and 1024 pixels for mobile.
  • For iPhones, the resolution will always be set to 512 regardless of the value you enter in the 'Mobile Texture Size' field, as exceeding 512 may cause crashes on different iPhone models.
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