Pre-designed templates for Configurable products


Pre-designed templates can be created to allow customization for texts and images to be applied to your configurable products inside the Zakeke's 3D Configurator. 

Zakeke allows you to have a 3D and a 2D view of the customization of your templates as well as all the settings available for texts and images inside your templates. 



  1. Customizable Area
  2. Template's Settings
  3. Text & Images
  4. Printing Method

1. Customizable Areas

It’s possible to add customizable areas inside the Composer to be applied to one or multiple objects and with specific camera position for your customers. 

The customizable area is fundamental for creating a pre-designed template and allows customization with text and images on a configurable product.  

You can add multiple areas, edit them or remove them. For example, if you import 5 meshes for customization, you need to create 5 customizable areas, each one linked to the relative object in the Scene Editor.

To create a customizable area you need to go inside the left menu's section and:

  • add a name
  • select the object you want to apply the area to
  • choose the size
  • select the camera position
  • insert the UV map channel 

Once you save your customizable area you can proceed with the pre-designed template creation, selecting Pre-Designed Template on the left menu. 



2. Template's Settings

Inside the Template settings you can decide to allow your customers to:

  • add text
  • add images
  • enable a Gallery
  • enable the upload of images from your customers and select the formats



3. Text & Images 

You can create your own template with text and images and allow customers to add those elements. Customers will be able to select the font based on your choices, and the color of it apart from the justification. 

Fonts can be managed inside the menu item of the Configurator Dashboard 

In order to decide which font to allow you need to go inside the Printing Method. 



By creating the template you can decide to put a text or an image in the template, not necessarily from the gallery. For these elements you can decide to put different limitations.
In general, the limitations apply only to elements that come preloaded in the template.

You can allow customers to:

  • replace the image you add to the template
  • move
  • rotate 
  • resize 
  • delete 
  • put the image always on top
  • make it printable
  • keep it in preview



See an example below of an image applied to a selected part of the product: 


Please note

The images you find inside the settings here are the ones you've added inside the Images menu of the Configurator Dashboard, where you can create, manage and edit Images Categories.


4. Printing Method

Inside the Printing method you can define: 

  • DPI of the customizations
  • default color for text
  • a predefined set of colors for the text 
  • the available fonts for your template

To confirm all the edits and settings remember to always clic the Save product button. 

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