Virtual Try-On

Enhance your customers' experience by enabling Zakeke's cutting-edge Virtual Try-On feature. Allow your clients to effortlessly visualize how your products look on them, empowering them to make confident purchase decisions.



  1. Intro
  2. Managing the tool
  3. Fine tuning
  4. Pupillary Distance
  5. Tool's price


1. Intro

The Virtual Try-on allows your customers to virtually try a product on their body via their own mobile phones.

The Try-on works thanks to the Augmented Reality: the 3D model of your product gets loaded, your customers personalize it and by clicking on the Try-on button they are able to use the phone's camera to visualize themselves along with the "digital" product. See below



At the moment, the Zakeke Virtual Try-On is available for the Eyewear, Headwear and Jewelry sector. We're working on making it available for other products.


2. Managing the tool

In order to activate the Virtual Try-on for your products inside the 3D & AR Viewer:

  1. upload your 3D model inside the scene
  2. select the Virtual Try-On box on the left menu



Once you check the box multiple options show up, such as: 

  • Product type - at the moment you can select from Eyewear, Headwear and Jewelry. More types will be available soon
  • Pupillary Distance Tool - if you've selected Eyewear as a category, by enabling this tool, customers can effortlessly measure their Pupillary Distance with a simple glance at the camera
  • Mandatory PD Tool - check this box to require clients to use the Pupillary Distance measurement tool before making a purchase
  • Action button - you can customize the buttons your customers will use to activate and use the Virtual Try-On and Pupillary Distance tool. In particular you can choose to have:
    • a Single button, this option combines both the Virtual Try-On (VTO) and Pupillary Distance (PD) tools into a single button. It allows customers to access both functionalities from a single interface.
    • Separate buttons, this option provides two distinct buttons in your viewer interface — one for the Virtual Try-On (VTO) tool and another for the Pupillary Distance (PD) tool. Customers can access each tool separately as per their requirements.
      You can also upload an Icon image, change the Text label, the text and background color, the border color, size and radius. Complete the settings by clicking on Save. 

  • Download reference model - you can download the reference model in glb format
  • Add reference to Scene - you can decide to add the reference model for the Virtual Try-On inside the scene. 

Once you complete the settings you need to clic on Save product on the top right of the Viewer Scene. 


3. Fine tuning

Once inside the Viewer, its necessary to fine tune the models to better display them on your customers faces. To do so select Objects and then clic on the model you need to fine tune. 

The camera of your device will open up, use the provided arrows in the scene to precisely position the object on the body for optimal display. 



Temple mode for Eyewear

You can select if you desire to show or hide the temples of your glasses. Selecting the "Hidden" mode allows you to hide the final part of the glasses temples arms in the Virtual Try-On. This ensures a consistent appearance and prevents any possible issues with temples being incorrectly positioned behind the ears on different head shapes.


Effect for Eyewear

You can select your preferred lighting style for the glasses in the Virtual Try-On. The available effects are: 

  • Neutral
  • Light
  • Bright
  • Studio 


4. Pupillary Distance 

The Pupillary Distance tool empower your customers with automatic pupillary distance calculation. By enabling the Pupillary Distance tool, customers can effortlessly measure their Pupillary Distance with a simple glance at the camera. 

Replace tedious video measurements with a quick, user-friendly experience for unmatched results and performance.

Discover all details here.


5. Tool's price

The Virtual Try-On is activable as an addon on your Zakeke's account. 

The price for the tool is based on the number of times it gets used in your store and the number of products for which you activate it.

Products Number of views/mo Monthly price ($)
5 Up to 500 40
10 Up to 1.500 90
50 Up to 2.500 120
100 Up to 5.000 230

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