How Zakeke works with Etsy

This is a comprehensive guide on how to use Zakeke with your Etsy store.



  1. How it works
  2. Creating your customizable products
  3. Getting orders and print-ready files
  4. Managing email notifications


1. How it works

Zakeke enables your customers to visually personalize the products you sell at your Etsy store. It works as follows:

  1. Customers buy your item at your Etsy store.
  2. They automatically receive a link to visually personalize their purchased items via the Zakeke customizer.
  3. You get print-ready files in your Zakeke back office.


2. Creating your customizable products

  1. Connect Zakeke with Etsy.

  2. In your Zakeke back-office, pick a product from your Etsy store and make it customizable via Zakeke.

The product is now customizable via Zakeke and your customers will be able to personalize it after they've purchased it from your Etsy store.


3. Enabling your customers to personalize their purchased items and managing your orders

When your customers buy your product, an order is generated in Zakeke as well and you get informed via email. At the same time, your customer receives an email notification with the link to the customizer to personalize the item he/she has purchased. They don't need to create an account, just click on the link and get in the customizer.


Orders status

Orders are updated every 10 minutes and can have different statuses:

  • New: it means you have received an order for a customizable product but the customer has not visually customized the item via Zakeke yet.

  • Complete: it means that your customer has completed the personalization of your product and print-ready files are generated.

  • On-hold: you put an order on hold if you want your customers to be no longer available to use the customizer for that order.

    To put an order on hold go to Orders > Details > Set as on-hold

    On-hold orders can be restored to the previous status from Orders > Details > Restore status

For each order you can:


4. Managing email notifications

Email notifications to you and your customers are sent from a Zakeke email address ( You can configure your own "from" email address for the emails that are sent to your customers as well as customize the email template and texts. Read this guide.


IMPORTANT: if you allow your customers to pay via Apple Pay and they have opted to activate the option to use an anonymous email address with Apple’s “Sign in with Apple” functionality, they won't be receiving the link for the personalization from Zakeke (because Zakeke does not get any email where to send the link). For these cases, you need to contact the customer and send the link manually.


Resend an email notification

You may need to resend the notification email. You can make it from the Orders section > Actions > Send email again.

Please note that this is possible for orders that are not "Complete".


Update customer's email address

You can change the email address where to send the link to the customizer from the Orders section > Actions > Update customer's email address.

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