Why I'm not able to set product variations?

If you're not able to see the product variants when you create your customizable products in Zakeke, please read below the guide that refers to your eCommerce platform:



You have to create a SKU on BigCommerce for each variation that you want to see in Zakeke.
Please refer to the BigCommerce documentation on how to create an SKU.



In OpenCart's admin, you have to set up your options in your products. To create options, you have to go to Catalog > Options. Then, proceed to your products' configurations at Catalog > Products > Edit for whichever product you wish to configure. Under the 'Option' tab, you should be able to set the options you've created in Catalog > Options.



Variants are not supported yet on Wix Stores. This is because of the limited options that Wix provides when integrating third-party services. We are in constant contact with the Wix team for future improvements.



If your store is built on WooCommerce platform, Zakeke can only recognize attributes that are present under Products > Attributes menu in the WP admin.

Attributes created "inline" at the product page level are not supported yet.

This could be the reason why you don't see the Variations step in Zakeke.

Please note

Our advice is to add attributes that you need as Global Attributes in Products > Attributes and then add variations to the product using those attributes

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