The 3D Product Configurator enables your customers to build their own versions of your products choosing components, changing elements, and customizing colors and materials, adding images or texts and see it in their real-world thanks to the Augmented Reality. So, with the 3D Product Configurator you enable your customers to:

  • change product's colors/materials

  • change product's components and parts

  • add/remove a part to a product

  • add texts and images to the product




How does it work?

The tool works in real-time 3D. In a nutshell, you upload a 3D model of your product and define what and how your customers can personalize it.  

The 3D model is separated into parts which are the parts that your customers can personalize (attributes) and for each part, you set their options which can be colors, materials, or components.

For example, you sell hats for which customers can choose the color, the lining type, the color of the ribbon, whether or not to add a feather and, if yes, which type and, finally, adding their initials inside for an almost unlimited number of permutations:

  • Attribute 1: Hat color
    • Option: 15 colors
  • Attribute 2: Ribbon
    • Option: 14 colors
  • Attribute 3: Linings
    • Option: 3 materials
  • Attribute 4: Feather
    • Option 1: yes or no
      • Option 2 (if yes at Option 1): 8 types
  • Attribute 5: Initials



The back-office

The two main parts of the back-office are:

  • Scene Editor: this is where you upload your 3D models and manage them, along with materials, lights and cameras. See the dedicated guide.
  • Composer: this is where you set the attributes, options and customization rules for your product. See the dedicated guide.

Zakeke also offers you a Shopping Preview section which is a preview of how the configurator will work on your website.

The Composer section gets activated only when the Scene Editor has been set up. The Shopping Preview will be visible once the product has been set up in both the Scene Editor and Composer.


What you need

In order to start, you only need a 3D model of your item and relative textures and materials. All settings are then managed within the Zakeke back-office. Please refer to these guidelines to create your 3D assets.

You don't have 3D models nor the capability to make them? Feel free to write us at, we can provide you with the 3D assets that you need.

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