Cameras are used to make the 3D model to automatically rotate to a certain position. You can associate each camera with:

  • Attributes/Options
  • Groups
  • Steps
  • Customizable Areas (product sides)

You can create those inside the Composer. So, when your customers select an attribute (part) of your product, a group of attributes, a step or a customizable area to add a text/image, the 3D model automatically rotates to show that part to the customer.


  1. How to set cameras
  2. Setting a camera to generate the product thumbnail for cart/checkout

  3. PDF Preview camera
  4. Setting multiple cameras 

  5. Camera settings


1. How to set cameras

  1. In the menu at the bottom of the page, select Viewer Preview;
  2. Rotate the 3D model in the desired position;
  3. Save and give it a name.

The saved camera position can now be associated with a specific attribute/option in the Composer section.


2. Setting a camera to generate the product thumbnail for cart/checkout

If you name a camera position "buy_screenshot_camera", that camera will be used when your customers add the product to the cart to generate the product thumbnail.


3. PDF Preview camera

If you name a camera position "pdf_screenshot_camera", that camera will be used as a preview screenshot inside the PDF preview whenever customers generate it for their configuration. 


4. Setting multiple cameras 

It is possible to create multiple cameras so that they are displayed inside in the order detail and in the order summary zip folder. To create these cameras simply create, inside the scene editor, several cameras, as many as needed, e.g. "buy_screenshot_camera_1", "buy_screenshot_camera_2", with the useful positions to be considered for order management, fulfilment and configuration.
As you can see in the image below, there are different camera positions showed in the order detail. 



A placeholder needs to be added in the PDF file to show the buy screenshot camera.  "Composition_previews" is the list of camera Name and Img. To get the single camera you can add this: 

        {% for camera in composition_previews %}
            <td class='table-title'><b>CameraName: {{camera.camera_name}} </b></td>
            <td class='table-title'><img class="side__image" src="{{camera.image_url}}" alt="" /></td>
        {% endfor %}


5. Camera settings 

Inside Camera settings you can set:

  • Zoom limit and its height
  • Horizontal rotation limit
  • Vertical rotation limit

Both limits have a minimum and a maximum rotation value. You can apply both to your 3D model for your customers to use in order to limit the movement of the product inside the scene and the product preview in your store.
In the video below you can see how you can limit those rotations simply including numeric values in the specific box. 


rotation limit 3D.gif

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