Upload of large files

The upload of large files is a Zakeke's feature particularly useful for businesses offering custom designs for large-format printing of the highest quality, such as wall coverings, banners, large posters, and more. We've developed a dedicated process for all large files upload to assure the best performances for customers and the best print quality for merchants. 

This improvement not only saves time and effort to you as a business, but also ensures that the final product and design meet the customer's expectations and requirements, without losing the original file quality. 



  1. Introduction
  2. How to set it up
  3. Output files
  4. Pricing

1. Introduction

Zakeke sets a standard limit for file uploads at 50MB. However, we offer a unique and valuable feature that enables customers to overcome this limitation by accepting file uploads of up to 1GB. This means you can seamlessly receive print-ready files for large-format products without being restricted by the standard 50MB limit.


2. How to set it up

In order to enable this feature you need to: 

  • go inside Your Account > Plan > Addons
  • select Large Files Add-on and click on Activate
  • once activated, the option will be automatically enabled inside all of your existing Printing methods. You can disable it by entering in one of your Printing methods, in correspondance with the section where you set all the upload rules for your products, and uncheck the box
  • Click on Save to validate the options

If you need to deactivate the add-on, go inside Plan and deactivate it. 



3. Output files

Once the addon is activated, the dedicated large file process is valid only for files over 50MB. If uploaded files are under 50MB the standard process is the one still applying.

All JPEG and PNG uploaded files will be included if they weight up to 1GB inside the final large PDF output file.

If the file uploaded is a PDF or EPS format, the uploaded file gets coverted to raster in the UI to ensure good performance, while the final output will include the raster version, not the original file.

AI and SVG files are not supported by this feature, meaning that customers won't be able to upload AI and SVG files larger than 50MB even if this addon is active on your account.

For all file formats and sizes supported by Zakeke, please refer to this guide. 


4. Pricing

You can test the tool for free for 14 days. Then, to activate the feature, you'll need to pay $99 USD per month which is applied on top of your existing plan. This add-on allows you to process a maximum of 100.000 large files per month. This limit of 100.000 processed files can be considered a fair use policy, ensuring that the service remains balanced and optimized for all users. If you need a higher monthly limit please contact us at help@zakeke.com and our team will provide you with a specific quote for your needs.

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