How to match Configurator attributes with product options inside Shopify

While using the Zakeke 3D Configurator, if your store is based on Shopify, you can match and associate a product attribute inside Zakeke with a product option inside Shopify. 

Refer to this guide to create an attribute inside Zakeke. 

If a Zakeke attribute is not associated with an option inside Shopify and you desire to apply a specific price to that particular option, then you can:

  • create a new hidden product inside your Shopify store, with specific variants, with which the price is associated.
    Once a customer purchases they'll see the total amount inside the cart and while checking out they'll see the individual variants' price.
  • associate an existing variant and cart and checkout will work as detailed above

If you associate an attribute in Zakeke with a variant in your store automatically the options and price of those options will be imported with the same characteristics as in your store.

Inside the cart and checkout you will only see one product with the total price.

Please note

When creating attributes and options they should have unique names and never replicate, otherwise they will not appear in the cart and a selected attribute may not be visible.


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