How to match Configurator attributes with options or modifiers in BigCommerce

While using the Zakeke 3D Configurator, if your store is based on BigCommerce, you can match and associate a product attribute inside Zakeke with a product option or modifier inside BigCommerce. 

Refer to this guide to create an attribute inside Zakeke. 

If a Zakeke attribute is not associated with an option/modifier inside BigCommerce, then:

  • customers won't have that specific attribute/option inside the cart
  • the attribute/option list won't appear inside the Bigcommerce order list. This list will only be available inside the Zakeke order's detail and dashboard.
  • it won't be possibile to associate a specific price to each option. To do so you need to associate a Zakeke attribute to a BigCommerce product option and give a price to the option on BigCommerce that will be included both inside Zakeke and in the shopping cart.

Please note

Modifiers that can be associated with a Zakeke attribute are only the dropdown ones, others cannot be associated.


Appearence of the Configurator

The Zakeke 3D Configurator replaces the product image, CTA, price and choice options part of BigCommerce while leaving the product description, review and other components that have nothing to do with viewing/purchasing the product.

Please note

Quantities need to be managed inside Zakeke. To do so, go to Settings -> Manage quantities


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