Manual Orders

Zakeke lets you create offline manual orders for any product in your store and send them by email to your customers, so that they can receive the customizer link and personalize the products with their favourite options and complete the design, without the need to checkout. You will receive all print-ready files, just like a normal e-commerce order, once customers complete the design. 


Please Note

For each manual order you send you'll need to pay an extra fee of $0,50.


How to create manual orders

  1. Go inside the Orders dashboard
  2. Clic on the button Create manual order


  3. You can now:
    • browse and select the product and variants for which you want to create an offline manual order
    • insert the order information (number)
    • type in the customer email that will receive the order


Once you click on Create you will then see the details of the previous selection in terms of the product variant chosen, the quantity and the pricing. The create button will send the order details and the link to the product customizer page to your customer's email.




Please Note

You can set the order as on-hold, meaning that the order you've created will no longer be sent to the customer and the customer will no longer be able to customize the order. 



Keep in mind that Zakeke allows you to configure your own email address that will be used to send emails to your customers and that you can customize the master template of your emails and the content of each email. Read the guidelines here. 


Once your customer have completed the design you will see the order as Complete inside the Orders dashboard and get the print-ready files to go to fulfilment




Inside the Offline Orders dashboard you have different options and menus, let's see what else you can do here.

Orders Details

Inside the Details you can: 

  • download the print-ready files
  • edit the print-ready files
  • allow the customer to edit the design again
  • set the order as on-hold

This way you validate the order, edit it if needed, and go directly to fulfilment without the need to have products connected to your e-commerce platform. 



Orders status

Orders are updated every 10 minutes and can have different statuses:

  • New: it means you have received an order for a customizable product but the customer has not visually customized the item via Zakeke yet.

  • Complete: it means that your customer has completed the personalization of your product and print-ready files are generated.

  • On-hold: you put an order on hold if you want your customers to be no longer available to use the customizer for that order.




Inside the Actions menu you can:

  • send the email with all order details to the customer again
  • update customer's email address and send again the order email



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