How the 3D/AR Viewer works with Wix


  1. How it works
  2. Show your 3D products on your website


1. How it works

The 3D/AR Viewer enables your customers to visualize the products at your Wix website in 3D and Augmented Reality. It works as follows:

  1. Add the Zakeke widget/s to any page/s of your website.

  2. Upload the 3D models of your products in the Zakeke back-office.

  3. Select the model to show in the widget.

  4. Your customers visualize the 3D model at your website and can easily launch the AR visualization.

Install the app from this link.


2. Show your 3D products on your website

  1. Connect Zakeke with your store.

  2. In your 3D/AR Viewer back-office, start to upload the 3D models of your products.

  3. Go to your Wix dashboard > Home > Edit Site to launch the Site Editor. 

  4. From the Site Editor menu > Add Apps > Manage Apps (at the bottom of the menu) > Zakeke 3D/AR Viewer > Open to add the widget to your website.

  5. Click on Settings on the widget and then select the 3D model you wish to show in that widget.


2.1 Moving or adding a new widget

  1. Right click on the widget > cut or copy

  2. Select a new position in the page or a new page > paste

You can also add a new widget from Add Apps > Manage Apps in your Site Editor > Click on the three dots in Zakeke 3D/AR Viewer > Add Again

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